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We're calling for an Australian Brain Initiative, and we need your help

Our aim is to establish an Australian Brain Initiative that will, develop treatments for debilitating brain disorders, create advanced industries in neurotechnology and produce high-impact scientific collaborations that will increase our understanding of the brain.

We need to send our politicians in Canberra a clear message – Australians want to crack the brain’s code and establish an Australian Brain Initiative.

To help us, all you have to do is become a Brain Champion.

How do you become a Brain Champion?

Enter your details below and we will send a letter to your federal Member of Parliament and Senator’s stating that you want Australia to crack the brain’s code.

What's involved

  • Become a Brain Champion
  • Help Australia crack the brain’s code
  • Change the way we understand and treat brain disease
  • Share this page with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you

Thank you for supporting the advancement of Brain Science in Australia. Together we’ll make something wonderful. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this campaign.