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The human brain is staggeringly complex, and Australian neuroscientists and psychologists have a long and distinguished record of achievement in unravelling its mysteries and creating new applications and technologies.

Australia - we can Crack the Brain's Code and revolutionise our healthcare and education system, and create advanced neurotechnologies inspired by the brain.

What's involved

We need to send our politicians in Canberra a clear message – Australian’s want to crack the brain’s code.

To help us, all you have to do is become a Brain Champion.

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What we can change

Advanced Technologies

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Our aim is to establish an Australian Brain Initiative that will create advanced industries in neurotechnology, develop treatments for debilitating brain disorders, and produce high-impact transdisciplinary collaborations that will increase our understanding of the brain.

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Thank you for supporting the advancement of Brain Science in Australia. Together we’ll make something wonderful. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this campaign.