Australian Brain Alliance EMCR Network

Our aim is to establish a platform for early-to-mid career brain scientists to develop into future leaders and to drive Australian brain science forward.

About the Australian Brain Alliance EMCR Network

Vision: To shape the future of Australian brain science by empowering the next generation of leaders.

Mission: To support emerging brain scientists in Australia and foster interdisciplinary research from discovery to development and translation.

The Australian Brain Alliance (ABA) EMCR Network is a new initiative of the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Brain Alliance that aims to shape the future of Australian brain science by;

  • Establishing a vibrant, innovative and interdisciplinary network that supports emerging researchers.
  • Providing a platform that breaks down existing structural barriers between the various brain science disciplines from discovery to technology and translation.
  • Helping shape the national policy toward brain science and provide advocacy for EMCRs.


  • Increased opportunities for networking with a broad range of researchers across a wide range of disciplines.
  • Access to international training scholarships, and visiting scholarships in national networks.
  • Highlighting and leveraging off the infrastructure that is available within Australia and promoting the use and sharing of these facilities.
  • Exclusive invitation to the ABA EMCR Network sponsored events, symposia and conferences.
  • Creating a platform for media engagement of brain science by directing media enquiry inquiries to relevant and interested EMCR members.
  • Providing a direct voice in shaping the future of the ABA EMCR Network
  • Distributing an online newsletter with information about the activities of the network and member updates and stories.


  • Having a dedicated commitment to serve as a champion for equity, diversity and inclusion within Australian brain sciences.
  • Actively identifying and responding to barriers to opportunity for Australian EMCRs in brain sciences.



  • Membership of the ABA EMCR Network is targeted for early-to-mid career researchers (less than 15 years since PhD was awarded, excluding interruptions).
  • You are also able to sign up for notifications if you are a student (PhD candidates). Please indicate you are a student under year PhD awarded.
  • If you are a member of the public interested in brain science you are welcome to join as a subscriber. We also encourage you to become a Brain Champion.

There are no membership costs

To sign up please complete the membership form.



ABA EMCR Network Victoria Showcase.

Wed, August 29, 2018
10:30 AM – 1:00 PM AEST

Ian Potter Auditorium, Kenneth Myer Building
144/30 Royal Parade
Melbourne, VIC 3052

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