Brains at the Dome

7 December 2017
Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science

Brains at the Dome


This one-day program will feature presentations and panel discussion with senior representatives from each of the international brain science programs, along with Australian brain scientists and representatives from Australian and international neurotechnology and industry groups.

The aim is to provide a forum for discussing collaborative opportunities at an international level for how the Australian Brain Initiative might be involved in facilitating major discoveries and opening new opportunities for technology development and access to larger international markets.

The workshop will be host to:


  • Dr Alan Finkel – Chief Scientist of Australia
  • Professor Shigeo Okabe – Japan Brain/MINDS Project
  • Professor Hideyuki Okano – Japan Brain/MINDS Project
  • Professor Sung-Jin Jeong – Korea Brain Project
  • Dr Christoph Ebell – EU Human Brain Project
  • Professor Rafael Yuste – US BRAIN Initiative
  • Professor Anne Kelso – CEO, NHMRC


Registration for the workshop are now open and can be completed here.