Brains on the Hill

Brain researchers from across Australia descended upon Canberra to share the Australian Brain Alliance’s goal, to crack the brain’s code, with politicians.

From Monday 26 March to Wednesday 28 March, the Australian Brain Alliance (ABA) took their message to Canberra about how an Australian Brain Initiative would position Australia for a century that will be defined by the outcomes of brain research.

Chair of the Australian Brain Alliance, Professor Linda Richards, said Brains on the Hill was a successful three-day political engagement and was proud to be a part of it.

“We took our message to Canberra, and we made an impact.

“We met with over 75 Senators and MPs, and we showed our representatives that the Australian Brain Initiative is integral in preparing Australia for the next century,” said Prof Richards.

Brains on the Hill also showcased Australia’s most cutting-edge neurotechnologies, so politicians could see the latest advancements in brain research and what the future of next-generation Australian neurotechnologies might look like.

“Australia has such talent and immense potential in this area.

“We have the right people for the job, we have proven we can do it, and now we just need a national commitment to ensure Australia can thrive from understanding the brain,” said Prof Richards.